i voted for romania and greece 



welcome to europe

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i love eurovision because america is left out and its our own little thing

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requested by anonymous

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“So you’re wish…. Is that what you wished for on your wish…pretzel?”
“You know what, I’m sorry. I’ve been drinking. Um, let’s just talk tomorrow, okay?”
“No. Lets talk now.”
“Cap, I poured my heart out to you at the ‘End of The World’ party and you didn’t come after me. You should have come after me.”
“I know. And I have no excuse. But I’m here now, and I’m telling you that-“
“Telling me what?” 

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When Scorpio see something sad 

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man can’t people just dislike characters anymore just because?? like why does there always have to be some deep underlying reason other than the fact that the characters annoys the ever loving shit out of me or I don’t like their prickly little face

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